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  • What is Valor Discipleship?
    Valor Discipleship is a structured way for people who want to grow in their faith to travel a spiritual journey together and see growth and faith building within their community.
  • What is the bottom line of Valor Discipleship?
    1. To go from reading the learning the Word of God to using it in your everyday life. 2. To more effectively hear and speak to God. 3. To take the time, resources, and gifts God's given you and steward them well. 4. To love God and others more by serving others.
  • What does "9 Tools in 9 Months" mean?
    The nine tools you will refine and sharpen for a lifetime are… 1. We are learning to understand and love to read God's Word. 2. Learn effective techniques to go from hearing and reading the Word to applying the Word to your life. 3. Develop a more effective personal prayer life. 4. Learn practical ways to keep the Word in your heart to use when needed in life. 5. Apply the Bible-based curriculum to grow your faith. 6. Learn to accept the love and accountability of others as you grow. 7. Learn to pray with and help others grow in their faith. 8. See the importance of the body through meeting together. 9. Learn to serve with a heart to disciple.
  • Who can benefit from Valor?
    Valor Discipleship is for anyone seeking to grow in their faith. Valor Discipleship is for seeking believers, new believers, or mature believers. Valor Discipleship allows for everyone to start their journey where they are. Amazing results can be seen when believers walk together. Growth happens when you choose to be a disciple of Christ and walk with others as you learn to make disciples for Christ.
  • How many interested people do I need to start a group?
    Valor Discipleship can be implemented with a group of 2-200+. The curriculum can be implemented with a small group in a living room or a large group that breaks into small groups for small group discussion time with a mentor leader.
  • Why 9 months?
    Just as a baby develops in the womb for nine months to grow and mature and be ready to live in the world, the nine-month journey of Valor Discipleship allows the believer to grow personally and through the love and accountability of others for an extended amount of time. This time allows for the process of transformation through deep relationship building with God and others. Relationship development happens through nine months of consistently spending daily time with God through reading the Word, praying, memorizing the Word, and journaling the Word, as well as serving others. The consistency and length of time the program brings are effective for all who commit to the process of nine-month discipleship by taking one week at a time.
  • What curriculum materials do the participants and leaders need?
    Each participant needs a curriculum book. In addition, participants will use journals during the season, so Valor journals are an added benefit to the participant. Mentors for small groups need the Valor Leader's Curriculum. Valor sight leaders need the Valor Leader's Guide and Valor Leader's Curriculum.
  • What is the cost for someone to participate in Valor Discipleship?
    Each Valor site can decide the cost per participant. In the Valor Leader's Guide, you will find a suggested price and breakdown of items. Every participant will need the Valor Curriculum, A Fasting Book, and six week Bible study book of choice. The leader can decide upon the other items and costs. The participants must have "skin in the game." Those invested in their spiritual growth are more likely to complete the program and see change.
  • What is the weekly time commitment for those who participate in Valor Discipleship?
    The participants will develop or improve their daily time spent with God. On average, people spend a designated daily time of 30-45 minutes with God. Very similar to daily workout time at the gym when wanting to improve the physical body. This daily habit developed through nine months of daily time with God builds not only spiritual muscles but also changes spiritual practices for a lifetime. The participants will prioritize the weekly meeting for their nine-month Valor commitment.
  • How long is each weekly meeting?
    Each week the Valor group will meet for an hour and a half. This time must be consistent. Timelines for each week are available in the Valor Leader's Guide.
  • Are resources for leaders available?
    Yes! The Valor team wants to partner with Valor Leaders. When ordering a Valor Leader's kit, you will receive information on resources, partnerships, and events to encourage you as a leader and assist you in any need you may have. A YouTube channel is available with overviews of the large group teaching for each week as well.
  • When is the best time to start Valor Discipleship?
    The most common time to start Valor Discipleship is the fall because many churches change their schedule for summer. However, we have seen Valor Discipleship groups start at all points in the year and be successful.
  • What are the differences between Men of Valor, Women of Valor, Men and Women of Valor, and Teen Valor?
    All the Valor Curriculums follow the same structure, guidelines, and weekly objectives. The differences are seen in the gender and age examples given for the concepts. The teen program has a shorter Bible reading and a non-food fasting plan. We have found that men's and women's spiritual growth looks different. Therefore a gender-specific small group may be most effective. A group may choose to do the Men and Women of Valor curriculum with married couples in the small groups or have men and women in the large group and then break into gender-specific small groups.
  • Why are accountability and mentors a part of Valor Discipleship?
    Walking the spiritual journey with others enhances the effectiveness of spiritual growth. Having clear and shared expectations and goals is a catalyst for faith building. The spiritual mentor walks with the group and serves as the person committed to following the Valor Discipleship process and encouraging others to do the same. The relationships built in groups and encouraged by the mentor are assets to God working in people's lives.
  • Why is encouraging the participants to be connected to a church body and serving others during Valor Discipleship important?
    Valor Discipleship encourages participants to grow by thinking of others. To understand they are a part of a body. The people God has placed in their lives to worship alongside and serve is to help them grow and fulfill the great commission to "Go and make disciples."
  • How do I start Valor Discipleship in my church or circle?
    10 steps to getting started: 1. Designate a Valor leader or co-leaders. 2. Upon ordering the Valor Leader's Kit, the Valor team will add you to the community of Valor leaders for encouragement and updates on leader's information and events. 3. Create details for your site: Instructions in Valor Leader's Guide. 4. Set up a calendar with the following: Information Meeting, Start Date, Commissioning Date. 5. Create interest by personally visiting key leaders and interested people and making announcements in church and on social media sites. 6. Hold interest meeting: Information/Frequently Asked Questions/Applications available in leader's guide to copy for meeting participants. 7. If your group is larger than seven, assign mentors or small group facilitators per 4-6 people in a group. 8. Order curriculum from 9. Make the first night a meet-and-greet informational meeting to solidify group mentors and the need for materials. 10. Start week one and take one week at a time.
  • How can I give to Valor Discipleship to partner with missionaries implementing this program at no cost?
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