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The Discipleship Journey

I love walking with others as they pursue their relationship with God. We are all at a different place in our faith journey, but it is so exciting to walk with others on this true adventure. God knew our deep love and need for relationships, so He allows us to find great reward in walking with others as we get to know Him and His plan for our lives. Here are a few steps in getting started on the journey of getting to know God through discipleship.

1. DECIDE to step into the self discipline of growing in your relationship with God.

2. Set aside time daily to spend getting to know God. Decide on the set time and place each day you will meet with God.

3. Find a Bible and a Bible reading plan that is attainable, yet a bit challenging for you.

4. Use a prayer journal to write down prayers and insights from God.

5. Find a partner to join you. Check in a couple of times a week to see how they are doing, discuss the Bible reading, and pray together.


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