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The Valor Discipleship Leader Guide as a companion to the Valor Leader's Download provides all the necessary tools and resources to ensure a successful and impactful Valor Discipleship Journey experience for leaders and participants.


This resource is easily set up for leaders to use throughout the season. Valor Leaders and mentors will have precisely what they need each step of the way in the Valor Discipleship season. 


The Leader’s Guide Book Includes:

  • Valor Discipleship Vision and MissionTestimonials
  • Implementation Timeline for Starting the Valor Discipleship Journey
  • List of resources needed for the Valor Discipleship journey
  • List of roles and responsibilities of leaders
  • Articles to equip and encourage leaders during the Valor Discipleship journey.
  • Week by Week list of goals and preparation
  • Week by Week 90-minute meeting timed outlines
  • Weekly Group Teaching LessonsGuide for 21 days of prayer and fasting.
  • Commissioning Service Guidelines

Valor Leader's Guide (Digital)

  • This download purchase is permissible for ONE copy of the curriculum.  Per copyright, multiple copies made are prohibited. You will receive a download through email upon curriculum purchase.

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