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Valor Leader’s Guide is a must to lead the Valor Discipleship Journey.  This guide should be in the hands of all those leading and mentoring a Valor Discipleship Group. It is a companion resource to the Valor Leader's Download. 


Valor Leader Guide Book Includes:

  • Valor Discipleship Vision and Mission
  • Testimonials Implementation
  • Timeline for Starting the Valor Discipleship Journey
  • List of resources needed for the Valor Discipleship journey
  • List of roles and responsibilities of leaders
  • Articles to equip and encourage leaders during the Valor Discipleship journey.
  • Week by Week list of goals and preparation
  • Week by Week 90-minute meeting timed outlines
  • Weekly Group Teaching Lessons
  • Guide for 21 days of prayer and fasting.
  • Commissioning Service Guidelines 

Valor Leader's Guide

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