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Meet Your Speakers

shelby Meredith_edited.jpg

Shelby Meredith

Shelby is a graduate of Central Bible College and an ordained minister with the Assemblies of God. She and her husband, along with their daughter, are missionaries to the jungles of Ecuador where they focus on planting churches and making disciples among the Shuar people. Shelby is co-director of The Hope House—a refuge for girls who have been brought out of dangerous situations throughout the jungle.

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Angelina Wheeler

Angelina is a wife, mother of 6, and Mimi to 4 beautiful grandbabies. She was a part of the Douglasville Assembly of God Women of Valor in Atlanta, Georgia and is leading her 2nd group of women through WOV in Bremen, Georgia. Angelina was also a co-leader in a virtual Women of Valor. Angelina’s heart beats discipleship. She is continually looking for ways to bring others to Jesus. Her dedication to women’s ministry over the last 20 years is a testimony to her love for Jesus and others.

Sonia and Ana_edited.jpg

Ana Ventura Pantoja

Ana lives in Wall, New Jersey. She and her husband Angel have both been a part of Valor Discipleship in person and virtual. Ana has a heart and passion for those God has placed in her path. This spring, Ana and Angel will start Teen Valor with the youth at Rio de Vida church. Ana loves seeing those around her growing in their faith and will go great lengths to make that happen. Ana and Angel are expecting their first baby this summer.

Sonia and Ana_edited.jpg

Sonia Alanya

Sonia is an ordained minister and world missionary in the Assembly of God World fellowship. Sonia has led Women of Valor and Men & Women of Valor groups in both English and Spanish in churches in Romania and Hungary and led one-on-one discipleship in her home state of New Jersey. We lovingly refer to Sonia as the Valor Discipleship Journey missionary. She has empowered women from all over the world to go and make disciples. Sonia was born in Peru and is currently assisting in the process of establishing Valor Discipleship in Peru.

Jane Heeke 2023_edited.jpg

Jane Heeke

Conference Host

Jane is the founder and consultant for the Valor Discipleship Journey. She loves sharing, teaching, and writing about following Jesus through the spiritual principles taught in God’s Word. Jane’s love for God and people drives her to “Go and make disciples,” as Jesus taught. Jane and her husband, Phil live in West Palm Beach, Florida. They have two adult married children and two precious grandbabies. Phil and Jane spend their time mentoring and consulting nationwide and online while partnering with their kids in ministry and family life in Florida.

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