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There is a move of God in discipleship.

Christians are linking arms in their spiritual journey to find out more about God, develop their relationship with Jesus, and find their identity in Christ. There is a hunger for God like never before. 


Valor discipleship is a proven discipleship program with measured goals. It equips Christians with nine tools in nine-months to establish their walk with God while training them to disciples others. Through Valor Discipleship, men, women, and teens find accountability through mentor-group, accountability discipleship relationships.


The Valor curriculum has been implemented, fine tuned, and polished by incorporating the program in various churches and organizations throughout the United States and around the world. Valor Discipleship has been proven successful. God has transformed the lives of many through the tools of Valor Discipleship. Life change has occurred in those who completed the program, and they are now actively discipling others.

About the Curriculum

Valor Discipleship is a 34-week focused discipleship program designed to transform the lives of individuals and their families through large group and small group accountability. The curriculum incorporates structured scripture reading, instruction on developing a personal prayer life, and curriculum content and Bible reading plan formatted in an easy-to-follow week-by-week curriculum book. Churches can feel confident facilitating this in-depth discipleship program with little or no prior experience. 

Meet the Heekes

phil and jane 2022.jpg

Valor Ministries started in central Kansas. Phil and Jane met, married, and raised their now adult children in the Midwest. Then, in 2014 while Phil was a principal at an elementary school and Jane was transitioning from a high school teacher of 24 years to a pastoral staff position as the discipleship pastor, God stirred a dream in the hearts of Phil and Jane.


A passion for walking with others as they walked their journey of knowing God at a deeper level, finding out how they fit into His plan, and helping individuals and families in their lives to do the same.

The first Discipleship program written and implemented was Parenting with Courage and Confidence. Their church and community adopted the program for parents in the area, and Phil and Jane began discipling parents and giving them tools for effectively discipling their children.


The parenting program started a journey of seeing the value in walking with others on their spiritual journey and empowering them to go and make discipleship in their own families and church circles.

Phil and Jane took advantage of the opportunities to mentor those around them. Jane mentoring women, Phil mentoring men, and together mentoring married couples and parents. The need was great. Oh, to find a way to give others the tools to mentor those around them. A tool that would point people to the truth of God's Word as their standard and then a structured method to walk with them as the Holy Spirit guides them into knowing their creator and His purpose for their lives.

The first Valor Discipleship program was created when Jane wrote the curriculum, Women of Valor, for the women of the Central Kansas church in which she served. For 34 weeks, week by week, Jane would present the lessons to the group of ladies. Through Valor Discipleship, the accountability structure was implemented as women became committed to reading, meditating, and memorizing the Word of God. They were learning tools for effective private and corporate prayer and serving others in the framework of this 34-week program. It was discipleship.


Women were growing in their relationship with God and with one another.

Valor Discipleship then began to grow and expand beyond the church walls. The expansion outside this original group was due to the transforming influence of the Holy Spirit on women who were dedicated to knowing God intimately. Women from across Kansas, women from other states who knew women in Kansas, and missionaries looking for discipleship tools began to inquire about the program.

It was soon evident that God's hand was in this discipleship tool.


It was in sync with His desire for His children to know Him and to Go and make disciples. Age, gender, and language would not limit Him. People with a shared passion for discipleship partnered with the Heekes to create Spanish Women of Valor, Teen Women of Valor, Men of Valor, Spanish Men of Valor, Teen Men of Valor, and Men and Women of Valor.

In 2022, Phil and Jane began to sense a change, and God gave them the desire to focus solely on discipleship ministry and to leave their jobs and ministries in Kansas. He released them to concentrate exclusively on Valor Discipleship from Florida. Living in Florida allows them to live close to their children and grandchildren. Jane and Phil have seen the blessings of the Lord.


Since moving to Florida, virtual Men of Valor and virtual Women of Valor has launched, giving even more individuals the opportunity to both lead groups and be a part of a discipleship program.


The Heekes also love to travel, speak, and visit churches and groups interested in pursuing Valor Discipleship. 

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