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The Leader Resource Kit is essential for every group, containing everything you'll need to promote and operate your upcoming 2023/2024 discipleship season. These resources are recently updated, and now available in a NEW and convenient online format allowing you to access the latest versions of each resource at any point throughout the year! We recommend that EVERY group purchase one Leader Resource Kit, AND as many Leader's Guides (physical books) as you have volunteers helping to lead your group. 


By Purchasing the Leader Resource Kit, You Will Get:


  • Access to the NEW online Leader Resources webpage, which contains the latest versions of the resources you'll need to operate your discipleship group for the 2023/2024 season. Instructions for how to access this secure webpage will be provided by email after you complete your purchase of the Leader Resource Kit. These resources are updated each year and are available to group leaders for one season at a time.
  • Admission to the Valor Leader's Virtual Gathering & Training on August 12, 2023, which will take place from 8:30-11:30 AM central time (9:30 AM - 12:30 PM eastern time) on Zoom. The link to access this virtual networking and training event will be provided by email after you complete your purchase of the Leader Resource Kit.
  • Promotional Flyers and Posters to Distribute
  • Logos for all the Valor Discipleship Programs
  • Instructions for Group Facilitators and Mentors
  • Participant Applications and Informational Handouts
  • Mentor & Participant Graduation Certificates
  • Administrative Forms and Spreadsheet Templates
  • Editable Calendars, Attendance Spreadsheets, and More
  • Printable Lessons and Handout Materials for Participants
  • Materials for the 21 Days of Prayer & Fasting
  • Videos for Teachings to Use if Desired


Every group will need to purchase One (1) Leader Resource Kit, as well as physical copies of our Leader's Guide for every volunteer that will help with facilitation, administration, or mentorship throughout the 2023/2024 discipleship season. These books are updated annually and should be purchased anew for each leader and mentor for each discipleship season. The Leader's Guide is an essential handbook for all group leaders, mentors, and administrators that walks you through the discipleship process step-by-step, including preseason training information, an implementation timeline, testimonials to use as you promote registration for your group, a list of resources needed to operate your discipleship group, a list of roles and responsibilities for leaders in your group, week-by-week instructions with timed outlines for teachings, list of weekly goals and preparation, and commissioning ceremony advice and guidelines. There is also an appendix with bonus lessons and more!


Purchase copies of the 2023/2024 Leader's Guide


Please Note: In previous years, group leaders were encouraged to download and save materials from year to year to re-use them. As we continue to improve and enhance our Valor Discipleship curriculum, we are asking that group leaders purchase a new Leader Resource Kit for each new discipleship season. This ensures that groups are providing consistent experiences across the globe, and are always using the latest resources that have been developed. This product is for the 2023/2024 discipleship season, and groups are asked to return next summer to purchase a new Leader Resource Kit for the following season.

Leader Resource Kit

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